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State Scholarships

Sparta High School Students:
If you need a transcript sent, you can email your request to Be sure to include your name, where you want your transcript sent, and your graduation year. We can send official transcripts directly to the school or to a job site. We can send an unofficial transcript to you (FYI, unofficial transcripts and official transcripts have the exact same information; the only thing that is different is that unofficial transcripts do not have the counselor's signature and have "Issued to Student" written on them.)
  • If the button is Gray, the link is not currently active but may still have the attachments and links to the application for you to plan and prepare your application for when it is activated. It is also possible, the link will lead you to the updated application website and SHS just has not changed the button color yet (keep in mind, these are statewide scholarships and therefore are not specifically updated by SHS).

  • If the button is Green, the link is currently active and from a known and trusted website

  • If the button is Yellow, the link is currently active and from an unknown website. SHS was contacted about putting the link on our scholarship page and we therefore do not know much about the website it is linking you to - that does not mean it is not a legitimate scholarship, it just means we are not familiar with it but we still want to provide you with every scholarship opportunity available. As we learn more about them we will update colors.

  • If the button is Red, the link is currently active and from a known and trusted website and the deadline is coming due very soon.