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State Scholarships

Sparta High School Seniors:
During this questionable Covid-19 time, if a scholarship application needs to be sent directly to the place awarding the scholarship, go ahead and send it. If it needs a transcript, see the directions at the bottom of this message.
For all of the scholarships that require you to turn them into the Counseling/Guidance Office, you have 3 options ...
... 1. You can drop them into the box provided outside for homework.
... 2. You can drop them off at my house. I have put a container on my front step labeled "Scholarship Applications" You do not need to let me know you have dropped it off. Do not ring the doorbell or knock, I will not answer because we are taking the social distance thing very seriously in my house. If you need to get hold of me, I have found an old Tracfone to use during this time, you can text me at 618-708-8219 (I just corrected the number, do not call because evidently it has an old password that I cannot access).My address for drop offs is: 110 Fox Run, Sparta
... 3. If we are lucky enough to return to school the end of April, you can turn them all in on the day we return. If we do not return at the end of April, use option 1 or 2, do not wait until mid May hoping to submit them because we have to make our selections before the original scheduled graduation date.
And finally, if you need me to send a transcript, you can text me (be sure to tell me who you are in the text) or you can email me at If a transcript is needed with one of your scholarships that you are turning into me, don't worry, I will attach it automatically.
  • If the button is Gray, the link is not currently active.

  • If the button is Green, the link is currently active and from a known and trusted website

  • If the button is Yellow, the link is currently active and from an unknown website. SHS was contacted about putting the link on our scholarship page and we therefore do not know much about the website it is linking you to - that does not mean it is not a legitimate scholarship, it just means we are not familiar with it but we still want to provide you with every scholarship opportunity available. As we learn more about them we will update colors.

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