School Counselor
Abbey Miles
618-443-4341 (ext 109 to leave a message but if you want to talk to me directly, it is best to go through the school office or my admin assistant)

Graduation Requirements

Subject                                                   Credits

English                                                         4

Mathematics                                               3

Science                                                         2

World Studies                                             1

Health                                                          .5

American History                                       1

PE                                                                1.5+

Government                                                .5

Consumer Ed                                              .5

Electives                                                      10

For a Total of                                             24

(credits may be minimally adjusted for students who have transferred to Sparta High School after their Freshman year based on the requirements of their previous school)

The state of Illinois also now requires that all Seniors provide Ms Eaton with proof they have completed the FAFSA or to turn in to Ms Eaton the FAFSA NonParticipation Form 

StartUp Application

If you are interested in being in the startUp Program next year (note: this is NOT the program at SWIC, that is called Running Start) be sure to have your application into Ms Eaton by (deadline has been extended to March 15, 2021). The application also requires several teacher recommendations which will have to be mailed to another location so do not wait to the last minute to request those from your teachers. Start Now!

School Counselor Secretary

Sue Falkenhein


You will be receiving a letter soon regarding upcoming vaccines for your child.